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The Colour Theory

Color Psychology in Logo Design & Branding Explained

While various graphic elements are needed to be masterfully integrated together, color is by far, one of the essentials to convey your logo’s meaning.

Logo Design Colour Spectrum & Emotion Guide

Take a look at how popular brands use colour in their logo designs. Notice the heavy skews on blue and red?

Read on to learn how to choose the right colour scheme for your logo design or brand by understanding the psychology and meaning behind colours.

Blue’s Color Psychology in Logo Design

It also inspires us to be loyal, to be sincere, to be confident, and to be intelligent – that’s why it is a highly corporate color.The color of the ocean and of the sky. A soothing color that caresses your heart with peace, freedom, intuition, imagination

Red’s Color Meaning in Logo Design

It is dynamic and definitely your go-to color if you want to get people’s attention – that’s why you can observe “buy now” or “click here” buttons all over the internet are colored as red.

Purple’s Color Meaning in Logo Design

Violet is a symbol of spirituality, passion, vitality, and higher self, as well as power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. Since it is a combination of red and blue, it retains its qualities. Incorporating it in your logo design shows elegance and glam; it has this luxurious effect that gives a sense of sophistication for those laying eyes on it.

Yellow’s Color Meaning in Logo Design

Use this color if you want to get attention like the color red, however, overusing it is not recommended , Too much yellow makes people impatient, and too little yellow causes negative feelings of insecurity, fear, isolation, and low self-esteem, and many more. So, it is best to use color yellow in a balanced way in your logo designs.

Orange's Color Meaning in Logo Design

Studies have shown that orange stimulates hunger – reason why restaurants patronize this color so much – enhances a sense of activity, increases mental activity, boosts brain’s oxygen supply, and so on. Thus, it is highly visible in logo designs – like how red screams a look-over-here presence.

Keep in mind though that a color’s meaning varies in different countries and cultures; what meaning you may know about red is totally a different perception in different parts of the world. Also, different shades, tints, and hues of the color changes its meaning. So, it is best to be careful which color you would use in your logo design for your clients.

What is the difference between CMYK and RGB?

CMYK Color Mode

If printers are using a digital printing method, they would print color on paper using CMYK colors. This is a four color mode that utilizes the colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black in various amounts to create all of the necessary colors when printing images.

RGB Color Mode

RGB is the color scheme that is associated with electronic displays, such as CRT, LCD monitors, digital cameras and scanners. It is an additive type of color mode that combines the primary colors, red, green and blue, in various degrees to create a variety of different colors.